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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Would you have known?

Here we want to give you some important info!

None Seed of the Bali Whirl``

If you are offered seeds of Plumeria rubra ``Bali Whirl``, do not buy them because the Bali Whirl is the only Plumeria that does not have the possibility to develop seed capsules that would develop this special feature (10 petals). The Bali Whirl can only be propagated by cuttings.
Plumeria rubra "Bali Whirl

There is no colours like ``blue``, ``green`` or a mixture from these

Often, on big platforms like Amazon or ebay, seeds of Plumerias are offered that supposedly flower green or blue or totally black. Firstly, such flower colours do NOT exist in Plumerias at the present time and secondly, any colour can appear on the plant after 3-7 years. Never buy such seeds or cuttings if the colour is extremely bright or special.

None genetic Varietal purity at Plumeria Seeds

Plumeria seeds contain the complete genetic material of all varieties that are present in the hereditary sequence. Therefore, it can happen that a seed of the ``Black Tiger``, which actually flowers deep red (to almost black), then develops into a plant with white flowers. AND, it can happen that theoretically every seed of a seed pod develops a different flower colour! So if you are looking for a special variety, buy cuttings or plants!

Wintering - Dark? Cold? - How then right?

Many friends of the frangipani are still unsure about overwintering. Should they now be overwintered cold and dark or only cold or only dark? Neither of the two! The Plumeria rubra sheds its leaves at the beginning of hibernation (dormancy). It can then be placed in a dark room (no leaves = no photosynthesis), but it does not have to. And cold is also wrong information. It just needs at least 10 - 15°C so that the risk of loss can be minimised.

Plumeria obtusa & pudica - You are evergreen

If you have a Plumeria obtusa or a Plumeria pudica, don't be surprised that they don't put on their leaves during the winter break, because both varieties are evergreen. These two varieties always need light and some humidity even during the winter break (dormancy) to simulate the humidity of their original home. If you are unsure whether you have one of the two varieties, then simply contact our team.
Plumeria rubra "Jamaica Fire

Cuttings export (smuggle)

You are on holiday and see a beautiful plumeria. How nice it would be to have a cutting of your own. Yes, but before you start thinking about how to cut it, find out whether you are allowed to export plants from the country in question. Within the EU there are no problems. For countries outside the EU, export may be allowed, but import into the EU is only allowed with a health certificate!

Black Plumerias becomes it at us not with us!

Many Plumeria lovers are looking for dark red flowers that almost turn black. There are some of these varieties and they are often traded in Europe. Unfortunately, the flower colour never gets that dark in our ``weak`` sun. Unfortunately, we will not see more than a dark red here in Europe.
Plumeria rubra "Black Sand


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