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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

How much fertiliser do I need per year for my frangipani?

Frangipani flower (grey)

How much Fertiliser do I need for my Plumerias per season?

Another important question is the fertiliser requirement. How much fertiliser do I need to have at home to reliably supply my Plumerias with nutrients throughout the growing season? With our small online calculation tool, you can easily determine how much fertiliser you need.
Please fill in all fields and then click the calculate button.

    Do you use the mixed fertilisation we recommend?

    April bis Ende Mai: Plant-Balance Dünger

    Juni bis Ende August: Blüten-Booster oder Plumeria Dünger

    September bis Ende Oktober: Plumeria Spezial Dünger

    Plumeria Special Fertiliser

    Bei einer wöchentlichen Düngung von 1 Pflanze(n) in Töpfen mit durchschnittlich 20cm Durchmesser und einer Düngung mit einem Dünger, benötigen Sie

    0 gram

    Fertiliser per month

    and per season (mid-April to end-October)

    0 gram


    this quantity was calculated on the consumption of

    0 litres

    Water per watering

    Based on this calculation and for a complete season(mid-April to end-October) we recommend:



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