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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

A plumeria just like mum ...

Inheritance in Plumeria Seeds
Frangipani flower (grey)

A Plumeria quite like the Mama...

Many customers buy seeds and hope that the new plant will take after its mother. Dark red, purple and multi-coloured Plumerias are very popular.

But what chance do I have that the new flower will be like the one on your mum?

With Plumeria seeds, one usually only knows the name of the mother and not that of the father. In the case of inheritance through seeds, the new plant can only match the mother or father by a maximum of 50%. This has to do with gene inheritance and genetic material.

Plumeria rubra "Black Sand

50% heredity - that gives the chance of the same colour, doesn't it?!

No, because 50% is made up of:

  • Colour
  • Growth habit
  • Scent
  • Flower shape
Plumeria flowers

How high are the chances of the same colour really?

Sehr gering! Bei einer maximalen Vererbung von 50% kann aus einer dunkelroten Plumeria wie der “Black Sand” auch eine weiße werden.

Ein eventuellen Szenario wäre:
15% Vererbung des Duftes der “Black Sand”
12% Vererbung der Bütenform der “Black Sand”
18% Vererbung der Wuchsform der “Black Sand”
5% Vererbung der Blütenfarbe der “Black Sand”

Damit kommt eine neue Sorte raus, die evtl. leicht rosa Blüten entwickelt.
ABER: Bei 10 Samen aus einer Samenschote, kann sich beinahe jeder zu einer anderen neuen Pflanze entwickeln!

Our tip

If the seeds you are looking for are not available at the moment, just take a variegated mix or simply seeds of another variety. It's a lottery anyway and who knows... you might just get the most beautiful plumeria flower you've ever seen!



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