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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Say it through the plumi!

Plumeria postcards for mailing
Frangipani flower (grey)

Say it just through the Plumi!

Postcards are out? No, these beautiful postcards certainly are not. You get real postcards here with the appropriate form for mailing and the space for the stamp. 20 different frangipani motifs are available. You can put the motifs together or buy one of the sets. In the set (10 postcards are in the set) you save 1 Euro compared to buying 30 postcards!

Why not send a real postcard!

Directly from our shop you can surprise family, friends, acquaintances or relatives with a real postcard. You can choose from the 20 available motifs, write your text (there are many different fonts available), add the recipient and then place the card in the shopping cart. After the card has been paid for, it travels to the recipient as a real postcard.

Prices incl. postage and applicable VAT

innerhalb Deutschland: 2,95€
internationaler Versand: 3,30€

Additional costs of €0.10 apply if shipping is to take place on a specific date!



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