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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Plant History - See which plant you are buying!

Our plant history makes it possible!
Frangipani flower (grey)

Complete via the plant informed

We offer our customers a service that no other supplier has. Our plant history offers you the possibility to be completely informed with info & picture about the plant (the cutting) you want to buy.
How does it work?

Our cuttings and plants are photographed when they arrive at the warehouse and are given a unique identifier. The photo with the information is then sent by e-mail to our server where it is processed fully automatically.

Our customers can see at any time what the selected plant looked like when it arrived in the warehouse and what its root system looked like (only for plants that we have rooted or that we have received bare-rooted from our suppliers). Should any events occur during the (hopefully short) stay in the warehouse (budding, breakage, rot), this is documented and also automatically reported to our system,

Once you, the customer, then buy the plant, the final documentation process will be the photo of the packaging and the package itself.

Thus, our customers have 100% transparency and know exactly which plant they have bought.

Your advantages at a glance

100% transparency for our customers

Up to 10 photos per plant or cutting available at any time

Always be informed about every event

No surprises


Here are 3 examples from our plant history

Strawberry Cream Steckling
India Steckling
Balaton Sunset Steckling

Und so sehen unsere Kunden dann den Link zu der jeweiligen Pflanze.
Zuerst wählt man (wenn diese Option besteht) die Eigenschaften der Pflanze oder des Stecklings. Danach erscheint ein Fenster mit den Informationen zur Pflanzen-Historie und einem Button (Knopf) der per Klick die Info in einem neuen Fenster lädt.

Plant history
Plant history


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