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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Plumeria.Shop - FAQ

Answers to the typical / frequent questions of our customers
Frangipani flower (grey)

Plumeria Shop FAQ

Here we have listed a few typical questions that our customers typically ask.

If you can't find an answer to your question, just write us a short e-mail or use our contact form or simply give us a quick call. We can then clarify your questions in a short conversation.


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Frangipani flower (grey)

Plumeria Shop FAQ

Here we have listed a few typical questions that our customers typically ask.

If you can't find an answer to your question, just write us a short e-mail or use our contact form or simply give us a quick call. We can then clarify your questions in a short conversation.


When can I expect my delivery?

We generally ship all items from Monday to Friday.
Plants are an exception: We only ship live plants (including cuttings) from Monday to Thursday to avoid storage over the weekend at the shipping company.
You can inform us briefly if you would also like your order to be shipped on Friday.

With our service provider DHL, the parcels usually reach the recipient within 2 working days.

Exception: public holidays, festivals (Christmas, Easter). Here there may be 3 - 5 days, depending on the workload of the service provider.

Here is a small example of how the ordering process can work.

How can I complain about my delivery?

As a rule, you should check that your parcel is not damaged when it is handed over to you by the shipping service provider. If you find any damage, open the package in front of the shipping service provider. If the contents of the package are visibly damaged, immediately file a claim with the shipping agent.

If your package is not obviously damaged but the contents are still broken or damaged, please take a photo of the condition of the package and the goods and send it to us by e-mail. We will then contact you immediately and find a solution.

ATTENTION: Yellow leaves, limp leaves or soil that has fallen out of the pot are no reason for a complaint. The yellow leaves will fall off (transport stress) and the limp leaves will recover after the first watering. You can simply put the soil back into the pot.

Do you also deliver to other European countries?

Bisher liefern wir nur nach Deutschland oder Österreich.
Bitte melden Sie sich einfach bei unseren Newsletter an. Dort werden wir unsere Kunden informieren, wenn neue Länder zur Liste hinzu genommen werden. Sie können uns aber auch direkt kontaktieren. Dazu haben wir unsere Infoseite “Internationaler Versand” für Sie erstellt.

Can I track my delivery?

We will inform you by e-mail as soon as your delivery is ready for collection by our shipping service provider DHL. From this point on, your parcel will have a tracking number with which you can check on the DHL website at any time where your parcel is and when it will approximately arrive at your door.

I just want a voucher. Can I also download it?

Yes, in that case please contact us by e-mail. Please tell us the value of your voucher and if you are not yet a customer, please tell us your name and e-mail address.
We will then generate a voucher for you, send you the invoice and after receipt of payment we will send you the voucher as a PDF file to print yourself.

Can I return a delivery?

Yes, you can make use of your right of withdrawal and return the delivery in full within 14 days.

I would like to give a gift to someone. Can I enter a different delivery address?

Yes, absolutely no problem!
When you check out, you can enter the billing and delivery address separately. So you can make someone happy by sending them the plant. We will then send you the invoice for the purchase by e-mail.

Is there cheap shipping to Austria?

Yes, from 3kg we send the parcels to Austria with our partner UPS.

Resend delivery

If we get a shipped parcel back because the recipient could not be reached or the address is wrong, the recipient must pay the shipping costs for a reshipment before we send the parcel again.

If the package was returned due to an error on our part, we will bear the shipping costs!


How can I pay for my order?

We offer a few payment options and one of them is sure to suit your needs.
PayPal: You pay conveniently and securely with your PayPal account or a major credit card.
SOFORT: You transfer the invoice amount immediately directly to our account with the payment solution of SOFORT / Klarna.
Bank transfer: You transfer the invoice amount to our specified bank account within 7 days.
Purchase on account: Purchase and pay the invoice amount within 14 days. You can find more information directly at our partner Klarna. What is purchase on account?

Can I also pay cash on delivery?


We do not offer this method of payment. Years of experience have shown us that 30% of all C.O.D. orders are not accepted by the customer and we then have to pay the fees of currently 5.90€ ourselves and in the case of live plants there is also the risk that they are returned to us broken.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we do not offer the payment method cash on delivery.

Can I pay by credit card?

Currently only if you buy directly from our warehouse in 84381 Johanniskirchen, Bavaria. Please visit our warehouse only by prior arrangement! Thank you for your understanding!

Can I also buy on account?

Yes, you can also conveniently pay for your order within 14 days of receiving the delivery. Our partner Klarna will take care of the billing.

How does the purchase on account work?

Plants / Cuttings / Seeds

How do I treat freshly delivered plants?

Carefully unpack your package. Remove the protective film and all items that do not belong to the plant or its stabilisation (buffer material etc.)
Place the fresh plant in partial shade for a week and water it immediately after unpacking. After approx. 1 week, the plant can then be placed in full sun.

Do I need to pre-germinate frangipani seeds?

No, you don't have to!

Frangipani Samen zählen nicht zu den “harten” Samen. Sie können die frisch gelieferten Samen direkt mit der von Ihnen favorisierten Methode zum keimen bringen.

Not all seeds germinated. Is this a reason for complaint?


This is a natural product and even if we check that each seed contains a tangible germ, it is still possible that one or the other seed will not germinate.

It can also happen that seeds rot due to too much moisture.

My plant has died. Can I make a complaint?

No - if you have had the plant for longer than 14 days!

A plant is a living product. If this is received within 2 weeks of delivery, contact us. We will then deliver a replacement plant (if the same variety is no longer available, then another variety). If the plant dies after the first 2 weeks, unfortunately you cannot make a complaint. The reason may be incorrect treatment, too much watering, pressure injuries, etc.

My plant is not flowering. Can I make a complaint?


All plants in our range are capable of flowering. Nevertheless, it can happen that a plant does not flower. This may be due to incorrect treatment or (depending on when you received the plant) the plant has already flowered in the current year.

There is no reason for complaint in any case.

How is the height of the plant measured?

The height of the plant is often stated in the shop. We always measure from the top of the pot (i.e. the height does NOT include the pot the plant is in).

ATTENTION: Figures are always rounded up or down to the nearest 5cm!

My cutting is not taking root. Can I make a complaint?


Es handelt sich um “lebende” Ware. Niemand kann garantieren ob ein Steckling Wurzeln entwickelt und wie lange das dauern wird. Wir liefern die Stecklinge nachdem wir sie sichtgeprüft haben. Der Steckling selber wird aber entscheiden, ob er bei den gegebenen Bedingungen dann Wurzeln treibt oder fault.

My plumeria is not flowering in the colour I ordered. Why?

It is very important to know that the colour of the flower is strongly dependent on the hours of sunshine. For example, a pink flowering Plumeria can suddenly flower white in the months with little sun.

Es ist also keine “falsche” Sorte an Sie gesendet worden. Es fehlt halt einfach das UV-Licht.

Zum Beispiel wird die “Black Tiger” in Europa maximal dunkelrot aber zeigt nur ganz selten die typischen schwarzen Streifen.

How many years can I store seeds?

Seeds can, if stored dry and warm, still remain germinable for up to 3 years. Of course, the germination rate will decrease from year to year but basically 3 years is possible!

Unsere Samen stammen immer aus der aktuellen “Ernte”.

Can my plant tolerate frost?


The Plumeria is a tropical plant and does not tolerate frost. Please always make sure that your plumeria is not exposed to temperatures below 5°C. Anything below 5°C is dangerous and can cause damage or death to the plant.

Can I overwinter my plumi with cones? What happens to the cones then?

You can also overwinter the plant with flower umbels. In this case, please make sure that the plant is not exposed to temperatures below 15°C. If the plant is permanently above 15°C, the umbel will then continue to sprout 75% the following year and your plant will flower.

If the temperature often goes below 15°C, the chance of flowering the following year is extremely reduced!


Is there a catalogue of the different frangipani varieties?

Unfortunately, there is no complete catalogue, as up to 30 new varieties are named and registered every year. Therefore, one can often only orientate oneself by colour preferences or flower shapes.

We have taken the trouble to compile a catalogue of frangipani varieties. It is by no means complete and is constantly being expanded. It should help you to find your desired variety quickly and easily.

You can also view the list of registered frangipani names and search them conveniently.

How long can I leave my products in the shopping cart?

When you add products to your shopping cart, they will remain available for you for up to 3 days.
Please note that this is not a guarantee to reserve a product. A product is only taken out of stock when you pay for it. It can therefore happen that a product is still in the shopping basket after 2 days, but is no longer available. This will be noted accordingly when viewing the shopping basket.

Heat mats and plant lamps

We will not include heat mats and plant lamps in our product portfolio because it is

a.) there are enough cheap sellers on Amazon or ebay for these products
b.) we would then have to conclude contracts for the disposal and take-back of old equipment.

You will find everything in our Plumeria Shop that does not require a battery or power connection!

How much soil do I need to repot my Plumeria?

You want to repot your frangipani and have already bought new pots, but you don't know how much soil you need to buy.

But we have built a solution for this. Simply calculate how much soil fits into your flower pot

How much fertiliser do I need for my Plumeria per season?

This question is often asked and the answer is not so simple. Firstly, you need to know how many plants you have and how big the pots are.
Therefore, we have created a page where our visitors can easily calculate the fertiliser requirements of the frangipani per year.



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