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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

When does my Plumeria branch out?

One of the most important questions!
Frangipani flower (grey)

A of the most frequent questions to us

When does my Plumeria branch out? Can I do anything about it or can I just cut it off so that it branches out again? At what age will it start branching and when?

Plumerias branch only after flowering and only in about 80% of all cases.

Plumerias grown from seed first grow upwards like a candle. In very few cases, young seedlings already branch. However, these are only 1-3% of all seedlings. In very young seedlings, 70% of all cases can be branched by cutting off the shoot tip.

Generally, however, they grow until the first flower and then branch out into 2, 3 or even 5 new shoots. Unfortunately, it can also happen that a Plumeria / Frangipani does not branch with the flower, but continues to grow steeply upwards.

Can't you also force a branching?

Ja, man kann es durch Abschneiden der Triebspitze. Allerdings wird der neue Austrieb dann einfach “nicht schön” aussehen, weil die Pflanze aus 1 bis 4 alten Blatttrieben unterhalb der Schnittstelle dann neu austreiben wird und der Rest oberhalb als “Stummel” verbleibt.

So if it is not absolutely necessary to prune the frangipani, please do not do it. A natural branching looks much nicer than a manual one.

Can my Plumeria still branch later on an old leaf shoot?

No. It is very rare for adult plants to sprout small shoots from old leaf shoots, but 90% of these are rejected again or do not grow any further. It is therefore very rare that a new shoot develops somewhere on the stem of an adult plant.

Branching on a Plumeria

A branching after a cut.

Natural branching on a frangipani

Natural branching on a frangipani

Branching of a frangipani after flowering

Branching after a flower



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