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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

My Plumeria is shrivelled. Help!

Here you can find out what to do!
Frangipani flower (grey)

The Tribe of my Plumeria is shrivelled. What do I wrong?

We receive these or similar questions almost daily as we approach the end of the winter break. The plumeria has not been watered for almost 4 months now. During the winter break, the plant lives on the water reservoir that it has built up in the roots and which is ideally large enough to survive the winter break.

But if the plant has not yet been able to build up a large water reservoir because:

  • it was perhaps only rooted in September / October
  • she may be a young seedling
  • which was not watered enough in summer to form sufficient water reservoirs
  • the pot is too small and the roots cannot spread out

then it happens that during the winter break it starts to shrivel like an apple that has been lying in the fruit basket for too long.

Don't worry, this is normal and not dangerous. It only becomes dangerous when we then press around the shrunken spot!

If your plant looks like this, you can give it half a shot glass of water. Usually the plant will smooth itself out again after a few days.

shrivelled plumeria after the winter break

Shrivelled plumeria after the winter break

In the following picture collection, we have put together a typical example of a shrivelled frangipani after the winter break. Always after the photo, half a shot glass of water was given. You can see that the plant has almost completely regenerated after about 11 days.

Please do not press on the trunk of your Plumeria during the winter break. These pressure points can cause an injury under the bark and from there rot can then make the plant sick and it can die.

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Plumeria plant on 24 February

Plumeria on 24 February 2021

Plumeria plant on 26 February

Plumeria on 26 February 2021

Plumeria plant on 1 March

Plumeria on 1 March 2021

Plumeria plant on 3 March

Plumeria on 3 March 2021

Plumeria plant on 7 March

Plumeria on 7 March 2021



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