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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Plumeria.Shop VIP loyalty cards

Because loyalty pays off twice!
Frangipani flower (grey)

Plumeria.Shop Loyalty cards - Silver, Gold and Platinum

We present our customers who reach a certain annual turnover with a VIP customer card in SILVER, GOLD or PLATIN.

This will give you a permanent discount of 5.0%, 7.5% or 10.0% on all orders in the following year.

To receive the Plumeria.Shop VIP Silver loyalty card, you must achieve an annual turnover of at least €750.00.

To receive the Plumeria.Shop VIP customer card in gold, your annual turnover must be more than 1000.00€ and from an annual turnover of more than 2500.00€ you will receive the Plumeria.Shop VIP customer card PLATIN. With this customer card you receive a 10% discount on all orders and shipping is always free.

Together with our loyalty points, which can be roughly equated to a 5.0% discount, this gives our cardholders a total discount of up to 15.0%.

VIP customer card
VIP Platinum Card

Info for current Cardholders

Customers who had a card in 2021 and the annual turnover no longer corresponds to the card will automatically receive the next smaller card. So gold becomes silver and silver becomes bronze.

Unfortunately, customers who had a bronze card no longer have a discount or card status in the following year.

Bronze card: Only available with a gradation. This card includes a 2.5% discount on all orders.



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