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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Plumeria colours that do not exist...

... or only on ebay and Amazon
Frangipani flower (grey)

Let get not from garish colours seduce!

Mr Meyer, 2 years ago I bought a plumeria on ebay that was supposed to flower green. This year it has now flowered but only white / yellow. Have I done something wrong?

We often receive such and similar enquiries. Many customers are unsure or ask whether we already offer black and white, blue and blue-orange plants in our shop.

I have often warned against such fake colours on various platforms, but unfortunately customers fall for this scam every year.

If you see a Plumeria flower in an unusual colour, do not strike immediately, but contact us. We can then tell you whether such a colour or colour combination even exists for a Plumeria rubra.

Fake Plumeria Flower

A non-existent Plumeria rubra colour combination

Examples for colour combinations the it not exist

Here we have created a few examples of typical colours that are offered on the platforms and that do not exist.

If you have bought frangipani seeds of such varieties, we can hereby point out to you again the heredity in Plumeria seeds.

If you have bought cuttings, you may get a seedling or a mini-cuttling that is guaranteed to flower only in 2-3 years and then it will be too late to complain about the purchase.

Fake Plumeria
Fake Plumeria
Fake Plumeria

Which Flower colours are there there really?

Im Erbmaterial der Plumeria gibt es bestimmte “sichere” Farben aus denen dann eine neue Farbkombination (bei Samen) entstehen kann. Diese “Basisfarben” sind nahezu zu 95% immer vorhanden.

  • white
  • yellow
  • red

In addition to the colours, the growth habit, the scent and the flower shape of a Plumeria are also inherited, but unfortunately (in the case of Plumeria seeds) only up to a maximum of 50%.

So please don't be tempted by super pretty colours!
Contact us or the Plumeria community on Facebook if you are unsure!

Frangipani Yellow/White, Celadine Hybrid


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