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Plumeria rubra "Purple Sant

Why does my cutting have black spots?

Doctor Plumeria gives advice :)
Frangipani flower (grey)

No Panic! He is NOT sick!

Unfortunately, it happens that small black spots appear on cuttings due to skin abrasions. But this is no reason to panic!

Admittedly, these black spots are not pretty. But they are easy to explain and not critical.
These spots occur when the cuttings are transported from the wholesaler to the traders. Often 75-100 cuttings are transported per box, one rubbing against the other. This damages the outer skin and oxygen gets to the layer of skin underneath, oxidising it in the process. This is what causes the black colouring.

So there is no reason to panic, unless this area is deeply torn or injured.

Dann haben einige Stecklinge kleine winzige “Pusteln” am Stamm. Siehe Bild 2 und 3. Spart euch die chemische Keule. Das sind normale kleine Öffnungen am Stamm die dann verholzt sind.

We have photographed these small pustules with a high resolution. You can clearly see that they are not critters.

Now we wish you all much success in rooting your treasures!

Your Plumeria.Shop Team

Black spots on a Plumeria cutting

Black spots on a Plumeria cutting

Pustules on a Plumeria cutting

small brown pustules on a Plumeria cutting

Pustules on a Plumeria cutting

Pustules are not pests

Are the pests, Larvae or Eggs from pests?

Links haben wir die Frage 2 aufgelöst. Es sind keine “Viecher” die da am Stamm hocken. Es handelt sich um alte Poren die abgestorben und verholzt sind. Es empfiehlt sich nicht diese mit Gewalt zu entfernen, weil dadurch die Pflanze dort verletzt wird (als würden wir uns ein Muttermal weg kratzen) und dabei könnten Bakterien in die Pflanze gelangen.



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